BEC Vantage Speaking part 2. Unit 3.

Skills and qualifications

В данном уроке дана лексика на тему Skills and qualifications . После ознакомления с лексическими единицами Вы приступаете к выполению заданий BEC Vantage Speaking part 2, применяя представленный вокабуляр как в монологической части ( презентации), так и в ответах на представленные вопросы.


A Educations and training

  1. to have qualifications in
  2. a degree in
  3. to graduate from
  4. to train for particular job
  5. to train in a particular subject
  6. train as scientist
  7. qualify as biologist
  8. to go on courses - to take lessons
  9. qualifications - a quality, accomplishment that fits a person for some function
  10. graduates - people who’ve just left university in-house training courses within the company
  11. to acquire to come into the possession of something
  12. paper qualifications- documents that prove that you have certain certificates or diplomas
  13. work experience- the accumulation of knowledge or skill during work
  14. management development - the process from which managers learn and improve their skills not only to benefit themselves but also their employing organizations

B Skilled and unskilled

  1. a skill - a particular ability to do something well, especially because you have learned and practiced it (highly skilled > skilled > semiskilled > unskilled)

C The right person

  1. methodical, systematic - working in a planned, orderly way organized
  2. computer-literate - good with computers
  3. numerate good with numbers
  4. motivated - very keen to do well in their job because they find it interesting
  5. talented - very good at what they do
  6. self-starter - energetic persons with unusual initiative, who are good at working on their own - are proactive, self-motivated, self-driven
  7. team players people who work well with other people

Examples of Topics

In this part of the test, you are asked to give a short talk on a business topic. You have to choose one of the topics from the three below and then talk for about one minute. You have one minute to prepare your ideas.
What is important for a job applicant
  • · Work Experience
  • · Qualification
What is important to become a good candidate?
  • · Positive attitude
  • · Communication
What is important when working in a team?
  • · To be a good team player
  • · To be good at self – managing
What is important when approaching management development?
  • · Willingness to learn
  • Thinking skills

Examples of Questions

Briefly answer your partner's questions.
  1. 1. Can you get these skills in your daily life?
  2. 2. What do you think about computing skills?
  3. 3. Do you consider yourself to be a good self-starter?
  4. 4. How can you characterize a good candidate for a job? Should he/she be proactive/self- motivated – methodical?
  5. 5. Would you prefer in house – training or courses?
  6. 6. What degree are you in?
  7. 7. How would you use thinking skills for your future job?
  8. 8. What do you thinking about such skills as problem solving and decision making?
  9. 9. Do you have willingness to learn?

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