BEC Vantage Speaking part 2. Unit 5.

People and workplaces

В данном уроке дана лексика на тему People and workplaces . После ознакомления с лексическими единицами Вы приступаете к выполению заданий BEC Vantage Speaking part 2, применяя представленный вокабуляр как в монологической части ( презентации), так и в ответах на представленные вопросы.


A Employees and management

management –
  • the activity or skill of directing and controlling the work of a company or organization, or part of it
  • – the people who are in charge of a particular company or organization at different levels, rather than ordinary employees
  1. Workforce- the force of workers available employee a worker who is hired to perform a job personnel - The people who work for a company or organization
  2. white-collar- workers term applied to workers in offices and other non-production phases of industry manual /
  3. blue collar worker - a member of the working class who typically performs manual labor and earns an hourly wage
payroll -
  • - a list of employees and their salaries
  • - the total amount of money paid in wages
  • - the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee
  1. Staff- personnel who assist their superior in carrying out an assigned task shop floor place in a factory where the production lines are

B Management and administration

  1. office - a room or other area in which people work
  2. sites- locations
  3. headquarters -head office
  4. open-plan offices - large areas where many people work
  5. administration - the ordinary work supporting a company’s activities
  6. support staff- administrative staff
  7. technical support - giving help to customers over the phone

C Labour

  1. labour = everyone except the management who works for a company
  2. labour costs - what companies have to pay for labour
  3. labour dispute - a disagreement between management and labour
  4. labour leader - someone in charge of an organization that represents workers
  5. labour relations - the relationship between management and employees in general
  6. labour shortage - a period when there are not enough people available to work
  7. labour unrest - a period of disagreement between management and employees
  8. labour unions - defend the interest of workers trade unions
  9. strike, stoppage, walkout- workers stop working for a time
  10. a go-slow - workers continue to work, but more slowly than usual
  11. overtime ban - workers refuse to work more than the normal number of hours

D Personnel and HRM

  1. human resource-
  • a department in larger organizations that deals with pay, department (HRD) recruitment etc.
  • human resources - (HR) human resource management (HRM) or personnel department

Examples of Topics

In this part of the test, you are asked to give a short talk on a business topic. You have to choose one of the topics from the three below and then talk for about one minute. You have one minute to prepare your ideas.
11. What is important in a workplace?
  • · Defined Leadership
  • · Goals
  • · Communication
  • · Ethics
2. What is important working in an office?
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Culture


Examples of Questions

Briefly answer your partner's questions.
  1. Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
  2. What role should management play for the workforce? (workforce management) – управление персоналом.
  3. What is the main function of the support staff?
  4. What is the difference between white color workers and blue color workers?

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