BEC Vantage Speaking part 2. Unit 6.

The career ladder

В данном уроке дана лексика на тему The career ladder . После ознакомления с лексическими единицами Вы приступаете к выполению заданий BEC Vantage Speaking part 2, применяя представленный вокабуляр как в монологической части ( презентации), так и в ответах на представленные вопросы.


A Job for life

  1. career paths - a planned, logical progression of jobs within one or more professions throughout working life
  2. to work your way up to the top - to make progress in a process or structure
  3. to work your way up the career ladder - obtain a better job career ladder
  4. retirement -the age at which people retire
  5. retire - to end your working life senior more important with greater responsibility
  6. demoted- moved to a less senior job
  7. hand in your notice - to resign promotion act of raising in rank or position

B Job for now

  1. Flatter- with fewer layers of management
  2. leaner - with fewer, more productive employees
  3. downsizing - dismiss from work
  4. make in a smaller size - reduce in size or number
  5. delayered refers to a planned reduction in the number of layers of a management hierarchy
  6. efficiency - skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort
  7. restructuring - reorganization; an alteration of the structure of an organization
  8. profit - money which is gained in business
  9. company hierarchy a series of ordered groupings of people or things within a company

D Getting the sack

  1. dismissed, terminated, fired, sacked, given the sack - if someone did something wrong and is forced to leave the company
  2. laid off, made redundant - if someone hasn’t done nothing wrong offered early retirement outplacement- advice about how to find another job

C In-house staff or freelancers

  1. temporary contracts - a contract of employment for a short period only
  2. outsource - obtain goods or services from an outside supplier
  3. in-house - production of something using a company's own funds, staff, or resources
  4. freelancers - independent people who work for several different companies
  5. flexibility - the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
  6. job insecurity - the feeling that they may not be in their job for long
  7. performance reviews - regular meetings with their manager
  8. contractor - a person who executes the building or improving of buildings

Examples of Topics

1. What is important when planning a career path?
  • to work your way up to the top
  • to get a profit
2. What is important working as a freelancer?
  • Selling your skills
  • Dealing with your clients
  • Job insecurity
3. What is important when you are getting a sack
  • Know your rights
  • Start finding another job
  • Finding outplacement


Examples of Questions

Briefly answer your partner's questions.
  1. Do you think employers should help in your career ladder?
  2. Do you think it’s important to plan your career path in advance?
  3. Would you plan your career goals according to your lifestyle, interests and financial goals?
  4. What would you do if your career goals got of track?
  5. Have you ever worked as a freelancer?
  6. Do you think working as a freelancer is not secure?
  7. What does job insecurity refer?
  8. How do you see yourself at the age of 65?

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