BEC Vantage Speaking part 2. Unit 6.

Problems at work

В данном уроке дана лексика на тему Problems at work. После ознакомления с лексическими единицами Вы приступаете к выполению заданий BEC Vantage Speaking part 2, применяя представленный вокабуляр как в монологической части ( презентации), так и в ответах на представленные вопросы.


A Discrimination

  1. discriminated against - if people are treated differently from each other in an unfair way
  2. sex discrimination - if a woman is unfairly treated just because she is a woman
  3. glass ceiling - a ‘ceiling’ that prevents minorities and women from getting further than a particular level racial discrimination - if someone is treated unfairly because of their race or racism
  4. positive discrimination is when help is given in education and employment to groups who were previously discriminated against (= equal opportunities or affirmative action
  5. dignity at work policy - covering discrimination, bullying and harassment issues

B Bullying and harassment

  • sexual harassment - when an employee behaves sexually towards another in a way that they find unwelcome and unacceptable

C Health and safety

  1. dangerous machinery
  2. heating and air conditioning
  3. health and safety issues
  4. fire hazards
  5. a bad working environment
  6. health and safety inspectors
  7. hazardous substance
  8. environment - the totality of surrounding conditions
  9. hazard - a source of danger
  10. passive smoking - the inhalation of smoke from tobacco products used by others
  11. team building activities
  12. first aid - emergency care given before regular medical aid can be obtained
  13. repetitive strain injury (RSI) - injury to muscles and tendons caused by continuous repetitive use of particular muscle groups
  14. industrial accidents - an accident caused by dangerous machinery and hazardous substances


Examples of Topics

1. 1. What is important when creating a healthy workplace environment?
  • Physical environment and occupational health and safety
  • Health and lifestyle practice
2. What is important when improving productivity and reducing costs?
  • Team building activities
  • Happy corporate culture
  • Supportive workplace environment

Examples of Questions

Briefly answer your partner's questions.
  1. Do you think that positive interaction can help to avoid problems at a workplace?
  2. Can you practice dealing with workplace problems in your daily life?
  3. What would you do if you felt intimidated near a co-worker?
  4. What will you do to overcome your fear and conflict if you deal with a negative co-worker?
  5. How do you understand health and safety at work?

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