Business English. Placement Test

Placement test. Elementary level 1.


1. I like to visit other countries but I find the ....... of travel is too high.
(a) money (b) cost (c) expenses (d) currency Q
2 She is very happy because she starts her new ....... today.
(a) job (b) work (c) labour (d) post
3 One day I hope I shall ....... the lottery.
(a) gain (b) collect (c) reach (d) win
Q4 He must have a lot of money because this summer he is going on a cruise ....... the world.
(a) about (b) around (c) across (d) through
Q5 Have you read that book ....... the life of Van Gogh?
(a) about (b) of (c) over (d) in
Q6 Do you want ....... sugar in your coffee?
(a) some (b) much (c) any (d) little
Q7 They do not ....... cheques in that restaurant.
(a) accept (b) agree (c) allow (d) admit
Q8 I cannot work today because I have very bad tooth........
(a) pain (b) hurt (c) damage (d) ache
Q9 Children are not ....... in that public house.
(a) aloud (b) allowed (c) accepted (d) agreed
Q10 You can see the ....... about the sale in the local paper.
(a) announcement (b) warning (c) notice (d) advertisement

Business English / Incomplete Sentences / Intermediate level

# 1 Applying for that Job

Q1 I would be very interested in ....... for that job.
(a) entering (b) working (c) applying (d) writing
Q2 Do you want to ....... as a candidate in the local elections?
(a) stand (b) sit (c) go (d) try
Q3 They are completely ....... up with all the noise in the centre of town.
(a) tired (b) fed (c) sick (d) ill
Q4 The reason there are no buses is because the drivers are on ........
(a) hit (b) stop (c) strike (d) leave
Q5 The government has changed its policy and had a complete change of ........
(a) view (b) opinion (c) mind (d) heart
Q6 This supermarket is trying to ....... young shoppers by offering fashionable clothes.
(a) target (b) persuade (c) encourage (d) trap
Q7 You should have ....... those shares when they were cheap.
(a) taken out (b) sold off (c) bought up (d) taken over
Q8 You must try and hurry up because my patience is ....... out.
(a) running (b) racing (c) pacing (d) turning
Q9 Have you ever tried your ....... at running a business?
(a) arm (b) finger (c) hand (d) leg
Q10 After all these years she has decided to take early ........
(a) leave (b) finishing (c) departure (d) retiremen

Code of Practice. Advanced level

Q1 The company had its own code of ....... in these matters.
(a) behaviour (b) practice (c) dealing (d) attitude
Q2 This is a ....... example of what not to do.
(a) critical (b) pure (c) simple (d) prime
Q3 Plans have already been drawn ....... to deal with such situations.
(a) over (b) through (c) up (d) into
Q4 Thousands of ....... are already signing up for this new telephone service.
(a) individuals (b) subscribers (c) applicants (d) interviewees
Q5 Job losses are mainly in the ....... sectors of the industry.
(a) blue-collar (b) red-collar (c) stiff-collar (d) high-collar
Q6 The circular will contain ....... financial information to help investors.
(a) key (b) obvious (c) intelligent (d) noted
Q7 The report is ....... to show better than expected results.
(a) necessary (b) possibly (c) clearly (d) likely
Q8 So many of these animals have been shot over the years that they are now classed as ....... species.
(a) dangerous (b) endangered (c) unwanted (d) limited
Q9 Some people are ....... to learn a foreign language.
(a) unaccustomed (b) shy (c) reluctant (d) inhibited
Q10 It was a big ....... for her to give up her acting career to look after her family.
(a) trial (b) sacrifice (c) endeavour (d) test

Grammar Test

51 They are going _____ in America next month.
a) to be b) will be c) be d) being
52 This is the cinema _____ we saw the film.
a) when b) which c) that d) where
53 Have you ever _____ in a jazz band?
a) seen b) played c) listened d) wanted
54 I’m _____ when I’m with you.
a) happyer b) happier than c) happier d) the happy
55 This is _____ than I thought.
a) bad b) badder c) worse d) worst
56 Can you tell me the way _____ ?
a) to the bank b) is the bank c) where is bank d) of the bank
57 Do you know what _____ ?
a) time is it b) time is c) time is now d) time it is
58 Were you _____ to open the door?
a) could b) can c) able d) possible
59 Everybody _____ wear a seat belt in the car.
a) must b) mustn’t c) don’t have to d) doesn’t have to
60 Tom has lived in this town _____ three years.
a) since b) from c) after d) for
61 We _____ work in that factory.
a) use to b) was c) used to d) then
62 I think it _____ be sunny tomorrow.
a) will probably b) probably c) can d) will to
63 He _____ like his brother.
a) look b) isn’t c) isn’t look d) can look
64 _____ does your boyfriend look like?
a) How b) What c) Why d) Which
65 I’ve got _____ many problems.
a) too b) a c) enough d) really
66 If we get up in time, _____ catch the train.
a) we catch b) we caught c) we had caught d) we’ll catch
67 They _____ to go to France for a year.
a) decide b) deciding c) decided d) to decide
68 I’m working _____ to pass my exam.
a) hardly b) much c) hard d) good
69 I’m writing _____ ask you to explain.
a) for b) in order to c) because d) because of
70 He said that most problems _____ by teenagers.
a) cause b) caused c) were caused d) were causing
71 What _____ 72 Football _____ in most countries.
a) plays b) players c) is played d) is playing
73 Who was _____ the door?
a) at b) on c) in d) of
74 We _____ lunch when you telephoned.
a) was having b) had c) were having d) are having
75 Your work is _____ better.
a) being b) doing c) getting d) falling
76 She could play the piano _____ she could walk.
a) during b) while c) as well d) before
77 The train was cancelled, so we _____ .
a) couldn’t go b) wasn’t go c) didn’t went d) mustn’t go
78 The problem was _____ solved
a)easy b) easy to c) an easy d) easily
79 It was a difficult journey, but I _____ get home.
a) could b) managed to c) at last d) was
80 We had not _____ heard the news.
a) already b) always c) yet d) today
81 We arrived at the station, but the bus _____ earlier.
a) has left b)had leave c) has leave d) had left
82 We can _____ walk or go by car.
a) both b) rather c) either d) neither
83 If I _____ enough money, I’d buy a new car.
a) had b) would c) did d) shall
84 It _____ correctly.
a) hasn’t done b) hasn’t been done c) hasn’t been do d) not been done
85 The accident wouldn’t have happened, if you had been more _____ .
a) careful b) carefully c) careless d) caring
86 It _____ be possible some time in the future.
a) can b) hope c) may d) is
87 Schools then _____ having more children in the class.
a) was used to b) were used to c) was use to d) were use to
88 We _____ to go to work at six in the morning.
a) must b) would c) had d) did
89 They _____ an old photograph of the place.
a) came up b) came across c) came into d) came after
90 I _____ I had been able to meet her.
a) hope b) want c) think d) wish
91 We’ll have taken our exams _____ this time next month.
a) by b) on c) during d) for
92 I will do badly in my work, _____ try harder.
a) if I’m not b) if I wasn’t c) if I haven’t d) if I don’t
93 I _____ wasted my time when I was at university.
a) regret b) shouldn’t c) ought not to d) shouldn’t have
94 This is going to be my chance to _____ any difficulties.
a) repair b) sort out c) solve d) improve
95 It was difficult at first, but I soon got _____ it.
a) got used to b) get used to c) changed to d) used to
96 How did you manage to cook _____ a good meal?
a) so b) that c) absolutely d) such
97 The solution had been found, _____ we hadn’t realised it.
a) however b) therefore c) although d) even
98 She _____ I had been doing for all that time.
a) asked to me b) asked for me c) asked with me d) asked me
99 They _____ heard us coming, we were making a lot of noise.
a) must have b) must c) might d) could
100 He _____ to help me with the decorating.
a) suggested b) offered c) invited d) told
00-15 Below intermediate
16-35 Intermediate
36-50 Upper Intermediate

Reading Comprehension

Read the following article:
Apple Inc plans to use a larger screen on the next-generation iPhone and has begun to place orders for the new displays from suppliers in South Korea and Japan, people familiar with the situation said on Wednesday.
The new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner, one source said. That would represent a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area, assuming Apple keeps other dimensions proportional. Apple has used a 3.5-inch screen since introducing the iPhone in 2007.
Early production of the new screens has begun at three suppliers: Korea's LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc, a Japanese government-brokered merger combining the screen production of three companies.
It is likely all three of the screen suppliers will get production orders from Apple, which could begin as soon as June. That would allow the new iPhone to go into production as soon as August, if the company follows its own precedent in moving from orders for prototypes for key components to launch.
Apple's decision to equip the next iPhone with a larger screen represents part of a competitive response to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.
Samsung unveiled its top-of-the line Galaxy smartphone with a 4.8-inch touch-screen and a faster processor earlier this month.
With consumers becoming more and more comfortable using smartphones for tasks they once performed on laptops, like watching video, other smartphone manufacturers have also moved toward bigger displays.

Answer these questions (choose the best answer):

1. How many different suppliers will most likely be involved in the production of Apple's new iPhone screens?
  • Three
  • Two
  • Four

2. Are all the suppliers in Japan?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, but there might be another supplier in Singapore.
3. According to the article, who is Apple competing against?
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • Samsung

4. Why are companies making bigger display screens?
  • Because big screens are fashionable
  • Because consumers are using phones for things they used to do on their laptops
  • Because bigger screens makes dialing easier

5. How much bigger will Apple's new screen be, compared to the old one?
  • 30%
  • 4 inches
  • 3.5 inches