CAE - FCE Writing a report

В данном блоке представлена подробная инструкция, как писать доклад в задании CAE - FCE Writing Task 2. Вы познакомитеспь со структурой доклада, полезными фразами, советами и рекомендациями по выплнению данного задания . Вам так же будет предложены примеры написания различных докладов.


Советы и рекомендации

  • Начните со описания цели вашего доклада
  • Вы можете использовать придуманную статистику, чтобы предоставить краткую сводку ваших результатов.
Используйтк четкую и ясную структуру
  • Используйте заголовки (Headings). Они помогут отличит Ваш доклад от обзора и эссе.
  • Используйте списки пронумерованных точек или маркеров, где это уместно. (Только не переусердствуйте. Если вы используете их более чем в одном разделе, вы не сможете показать весь объем грамматических структур и лексики который вы знаете.
  • Divide your report in
  • Последовательно развивайте ваши идеи
  • Включите предлжение с вашим мнением вначале или в конце доклада
  • Используйте объективный официальный стиль письма
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5. Making recommendations
  • Taking all the factors mentioned into account/In the light of the results of the survery/questionnaire, ... would appear to be the most viable solution/option/approach.
  • I would therefore recommend ....
  • Clearly, more could be done to .... I would make the following recommendations:
  • ...
  • ...
  • ... 

Useful language for a report

1. Stating the purpose of the report
  • The principal aim/objective/purpose of this report is to provide a description of... / to provide/to present results of /to assess the importance of ...
  • In this report I will provide a description of ... / I will provide/present results of .../ I will assess the importance of...
  • This report describes/provides an assessment of... / describes/provides/presents results of...
2. Describing how you got the information
  • I conducted a survey of / I conducted interviews with local council officers ...
  • ... responded to an online questionnaire.
  • I visited three of the most popular ...
  • ... were invited to attend a focus group...
3. Reporting your results
  • Most of those responding to the survey stated that/expressed the opinion that ...
  • According to ...
  • A large/considerable/significant/ proportion of respondents/informants/those surveyed said that ...
  • Nearly three quarters of the ...
4. Presenting a list
  • The arguments against ... are the following:
  1. ...
  2. ...
  • The following were the main reasons given for supporting ...: firstly, ..., secondly, ...
  • Points our informants mentioned in favour of/against ... were:
  1. ...
  2. ...
  • There are several ways in which ... might be ... :
  1. ...
  2. ...

Report - Model question 1

An international development agency has been looking into attitudes to aging around the world. The research director has asked you to conduct a survey and write a report. Your report should discuss how young people where you live feel about older people in the community and the prospect of growing older themselves. You have also been asked to make recommendations about how attitudes could be changed.
Write your report in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.
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Report - Пример


The main objectives of this report are to describe how young people in Gava feel about elderly people in their area and aging themselves. I will present results of a survey I conducted with a random selection of 200 young people at a local high school and in the final section I will include recommendations as to how attitudes could be improved.

Attitudes to older people

According to my survey, a significant proportion of young people never or hardly ever spend time with someone aged 65. Reasons that respondents gave for this included: they have nothing in common, the elderly don't like teenagers and lack of time. More promisingly, nearly three quarters of those surveyed (74 percent) agreed that they could probably 'learn something' from older people.

Attitudes to aging

Those responding to the survey were almost equally split between preferring to think about it as little as possible and those who never thought about it. For those who did think about it, the prime concerns were loneliness, poor health and boredom.


Clearly more could be done to bridge the gap between young and old in our community. I would make the following recommendations:
  • Set up volunteer tutoring opportunities for elderly citizens to help younger people at the high school with academic work or practical skills.
  • Invite young people to tutor old people in technology use, e.g. how to text/send emails in return for a donation to be used for social events.
Hopefully, increased contact between the groups will lead to greater understanding and more positive attitudes.
[+/- 260 words]
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