Collocations of "Like" and "Dislike"

I love watching TV on the weekends.

We adore reading history books.

He enjoys meeting up with his friends to have a drink.

Be keen on
I am keen on working out at the gym.

Be fond of
Are you fond of reading comics?

Be into
I´m into looking up new words online to improve my vocabulary.

Be big on
She is big on playing football at the park.

Be a fan of
You are a fan of doing sport in a team as it is more sociable.

Be crazy about
We are crazy about watching TV series on Netflix.

Be mad about
He is mad about his new job, ge gets on with his boss too.

Find appealing
I find it appealing to meet new people from different cultures.

Take a fancy to
She seems to have taken a fancy to classical music recently.

Take to
I have taken to learning languages in my free time.

Be pleased by
The teacher is pleased by the work you have done recently-

Get into
I have got into cycling over the last few years.

Show satisfaction with
I must show my satisfaction with your comments about the coursework.


They detest spending time with their cousins.

We despise having to clean the house in the evening.

I loathe this song, it reminds me of a bad time in my life.

She hates him with a passion, their divorce ruined their relationship.

Can´t stand
They can´t stand doing science experiments at school.

Feel distaste for
I am told that the new boss feels distaste for impunctual employees.

Object to
I object to being spoken to like that.

Go off
I have gone off dating online, it´s not what I thought it would be.

Show hostility towards
The manages always seems to show hostility towards his employees, especially when they fail to meet targets.

Have an aversion to
You have an aversion to that type of work.



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