FCE - Writing review topics. Vocabulary

В разделе представлен вокабуляр различных тем по написанию рецензии: review of the restuartants, hotels, films, books и т. д. 

Вам так же предложен пример выполнения задания  -  рецензия на концерт (Review of the concert). 

­­F­­CE Prac­­tice tests


Review of the restuarants

  • design, space, service,typical dishes,service(cooks, chef, waiters)
  • name, location,prices, reason you decided to visit it, type of a restaurant, dates
  • It´s located in...It´s situated in...
  • It was opened in...by...
  • It´s in the heart of...It´s in the suburbs of...
  • It´s an Indian restaurant
  • It´s a typical, Basque restaurant where you can..
  • Main course consisted of ...
  • I ordered a steak which was accompanied by .....a salad/boiled potatoes etc.
  • They serve home-made food, take away food.
  • They serve a large selection of.....
  • poor quality/ overpriced/ reasonably priced/ good value for money/ pricy
Writing about staff
* attentive/ friendly/ charming/ helpful/ caring
  • I would highly / strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes...
  • I certainly wouldn´t recommend …
  • I strongly advise you (not) to …
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Review of the hotels

1:name,dates,location 2. More details 3 Opinion 4 Recommendations
  • The room was excellent. We had comfortable mattresses and pillows.
  • The staff were all efficient and friendly.
  • The food was very good, especially salads.
  • There were leather sofas in the reception/waiting area.
  • The area was quiet and relaxing.
  • Beside the beautiful/amazing/astonishing gardens, this 5 star resort is just 5 km from the nearest town.
  • It has a selection of sports and leisure facilities including 3 golf courses and a large outdoor pool.
  • The spacious rooms are filled with natural light and have beds with white linen.
  • The rooms have balconies and offer seating areas.
  • Many rooms have direct access to the pool area.
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Review of the films

  • The best film I have seen is called...
  • The last film I saw / watched was...
  • The film is directed by...
  • It is starred by...


  • The action takes places in ...(time, place) or The action of the film takes place in...
  • The main characters are...
  • The story is about...
  • or The film tells a story of...
  • The film is about...


  • The girl meets the boy and they fall in love

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  • Overall, if you like....you should...
  • Although some of .....it´s still a great film.
  • I would definitely recommend seeing/watching this film .
  • I would recommend this film to anyone who...like

Review of the books

  • One of the best books I have ever read is called..../The last book I read
  • It was written by...
  • It was published in ....


  • fiction:science fiction, thriller, fantasy, mystery, historical , romance
  • non-fiction: travel book, textbook, cookery book
  • The action takes place in...(place,time)
  • The story takes place in...
  • The book tells the story of...
  • The novel begins with...
  • In the course of the novel the action develops dramatically.
  • The novel has an unexpected ending.


  • The book is terribly/beautifully written.
  • What surprised me is/was....
  • What I most (dis)liked about this book was the fact that....
  • I was disappointed by/with
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  • I would highly recommend this book to anyone who...likes ...
  • I strongly advise you (not ) to read....
  • It is not to be missed.(+) You should give .....a miss.

Reviews of the exhibitions

  • painting
  • sculpture
  • handicrafts
  • gallery
  • catalogue
  • display
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Reviews of TV programmes

  • Chat shows
  • current affairs
  • programme
  • debate
  • documentary
  • series / soap opera
  • sitcom (situation comedy)
  • Host / presenter
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Reviews of the concerts

  • artist
  • band
  • musician / (bass/lead/rhythm) guitarist
  • (backing/lead)
  • singer
  • drummer
  • soloist
  • trio / orchestra
  • auditorium / hall / venue / lyrics
  • (catchy) tune
  • score
  • gig
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Model answer

Review of the concert

..........kicked off the tour in town and I really relished the concert. What an experience! The concert was arranged in support of his/her album ….. and got huge publicity on different media.
Thousands of people from all over the country gathered there to see the spectacular event. The audience were cheering and applauding bringing the house down. The crowd went wild when they played their catchy hit ….. The most touching moment was when he was singing/dancing… He entertained his fans with classics, new lyrics, plenty of fun and all the energy that had taken him to the top.
What I most liked/disliked was.... /My only reservation is that although the songs have clever lyrics and great melodies, there was some lack of …..
But this is a minor criticism. Overall, it was a performance to remember. I would highly recommend visiting the concert.