IELTS Reading.Identifying writer’s views/claims/Yes/No/Not stated questions.

In the task of identifying writers’ views, you will be given several statements and be asked to decide whether they match the writer’s views. This task assesses your English reading ability to skim for details and identify opinion or attitude. The most important thing is that every answer should be based on the articles and never try to guess based on your own opinions.



Here are some tips and examples of how to identify writers’ views in IELTS reading:

Step 1: Read all the statements before reading the article.
Step 2: Skim the text for the section which refers to that idea. Mark the section.
Step 3. Read the section more carefully. Decide if the statement agrees with the view of the author (mark Yes on your answer sheet) or disagrees with the author (mark No on your answer sheet). If the author doesn't give an opinion which agrees or disagrees with the statement then mark Not Given on your answer sheet.
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IELTS Academic Writing Masterclass course

The course is structured in the following way:

  • You are given a video lesson with step to step processes and instructions, including structures, grammar vocabulary and helpful tips.
  • Then you are presented practical tasks as your assignment. That is the most important part of the course, You are completing the task Following the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring report or essay.
  • Then you send it for evaluation and feedback.
  • You will be shown where you are doing well and what needs improving.

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