IELTS Reading- Matching Sentence Endings

В данном задании  Вам надо связать отдельные идеи или заявления с соответствующими вариантами. 

Например, Вам может потребоваться сопоставить различные события с определенными историческими периодами или ряд достижений ответственного за них лица. 



  1. Read the question carefully.
  2. Read the incomplete sentences first and don’t look at the endings yet. Try to understand what they mean and highlight any keywords especially names, places or dates.
  3. Predict what the endings might be before looking at them. Think about what word type (verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs) makes the sentence grammatically correct.
  4. Look at the endings but not in too much detail. Try to see if there are any obvious answers.
  5. Eliminate endings that definitely cannot match. Think about grammar, collocations, and meaning.
  6. Match the endings you think might be correct. Write two or three options if necessary.
  7. Find the correct part of the reading text for each incomplete sentence. Be careful with synonyms and paraphrases.
  8. Understand the meaning of that part of the text and choose the correct answer.
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