IELTS Reading. Short-Answer Question.  

Вопросы такого типа чаще всего используются, когда текст содержит большое количество фактической информации. Кандидатам будут задаваться вопросы, но не будут предоставлены ответы. Все ответы должны Вы должны заполнить самостоятельно.



  1. Skim over the text.
  2. Read the question and find the paragraph, which is likely to contain the answer. Use key words to navigate.
  3. Read attentively the paragraph you’ve found, searching for the answer.
  4. Once you've found the answer, check if it doesn't exceed the word limit.
  5. Repeat this strategy with other questions.

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IELTS Academic  Practice Tests

IELTS Academic Writing Masterclass course

The course is structured in the following way:

  • You are given a video lesson with step to step processes and instructions, including structures, grammar vocabulary and helpful tips.
  • Then you are presented practical tasks as your assignment. That is the most important part of the course, You are completing the task Following the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring report or essay.
  • Then you send it for evaluation and feedback.
  • You will be shown where you are doing well and what needs improving.

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