IELTS WRITING Task 2 Opinion essay

В этом уроке вы узнаете, как писать IELTS Writing Task 2 Opinion essay, задачей которого выразить свое мнение и аргументировать его поддерживающими деталями. Этот вид эссе очень похож по структуре на Both views essay, где Вы тоже должны представить противоположную точку зрения и доказать, что Ваше мнение сильнее по аргументам. 

 Вы узнаете, как генерировать аргументы и поддерживающие детали, познакомитесь со структурой эссе, полезными фразами и шаблоном высказывания.


Structure + Useful Language 


Aim to write three sentences around 60 words in total.
1. Sentence 1 – Paraphrase the task question or write a general statement relating to the topic using synonyms of the key words used in the question. 
E.g. These days, many local governments spend large portions of their budget not only on public services, but also on the visual arts. E.g. Some people believe that education is what they really need to obtain to be successful while others claim that despite not getting it they still have a chance to find a place in their life.
2. Sentence 2 – State your opinion or point of view on the question being asked. 
E.g – Although I agree that it is important to invest in local amenities, I do not think spending on the visual arts is a waste of money. In my opinion, getting a degree is expected to be an essential part of people’s life.
3. Sentence 3 –  Give an essay overview including a summarizing phrase like: 
E.g. This essay will discuss this issue using examples to support arguments and demonstrate points. There are several positive reasons for that.

I. Useful language for introduction

• A general statement. What are you going to write about?

  • It is common knowledge that…» — «Всем известно, что…».
  • The problem / issue / question of… has always aroused heated / sharp disputes /debates / discussions / controversy — «Проблема… всегда вызывала оживлённые дебаты».
  • «The sight of smb Ving*… is familiar to everyone. But have you ever wondered whether…?» — «Вид (кого-то делающего чего-то) знаком всем. Но вы когда-нибудь задумывались… ли…?»
  • «Our modern world is unthinkable / unimaginable / inconceivable without…

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. Paraphrase the topic.  

  • Many people are in favour of……while others are convinced that…..
  • Our modern world is unthinkable / unimaginable / inconceivable without… However, there are plenty of people who believe that it is not necessary / doubt the necessity / importance / use / benefit / good of…»
  • So the question is: which option is better?
  • Let’s speculate who is right: to proponents / defendants / fans of… who claim that… or the opponents / adversaries, who believe in…»

Supporting Paragraphs

The two supporting paragraphs should include your ideas and supporting examples to answer the task question. Aim to write only two supporting paragraphs with roughly 85 words in each. Each paragraph should contain the following four sentences and stick to one idea per paragraph:

Supporting Paragraph 1

· Sentence 1 – State your 1st position.
  • Eg. On the one hand, spending a significant amount of the government budget on public services is beneficial for society. Firstly, today, more people are seeing the significance of a college education and its role in providing better job opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle.
· Sentence 2 – Explain why you hold that position.
  •  E.g. Providing for basic amenities, such as hospitals, roads, and schools, helps to determine the quality of life that most citizens will have. E.g. Graduates who have a higher education typically have more jobs open to them than those who don’t further their education after high school.
· Sentence 3 – Give an academic example that backs up your idea. 
  • E.g. For example, a recent survey by Education Today shows that countries that spend more on schools have a population that is higher in literacy, by 65%, compared to those that dedicate no money to education. (According to statistics), In fact, employers are raising their educational requirements for the last five years.
· Sentence 4 – Summarise the paragraph showing how your example links your idea/argument back to the main idea.
  •  E.g. Therefore, it is apparent that spending on public services is a worthwhile investment for a government. E.g. Consequently, it is widely accepted that graduate diplomas stand a candidate in better stead for a job.
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Supporting Paragraph 2:

· Sentence 1 – State your 2nd position.
  • Eg. However, this does not mean that the visual arts should be completely neglected. E.g. On the other hand, there are people who oppose this view and believe that schooling takes a lot of time, finances and endurance.
· Sentence 2 – Explain why you hold that position.
  • Eg. The visual arts also have an important impact on our quality of life. Since college gradation is expensive, not everybody can afford to complete it.
· Sentence 3 – Give an academic example that backs up your idea. 
  • Eg. For example, a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization concluded that individuals that regularly visit art galleries are cited as being 20% happier in life than people who do not.
  • E.g. According to recent research, about half of bachelor's degree recipients graduate with debts.
· Sentence 4 – Summarise the paragraph showing how your example links your idea/argument back to the main idea.
  •  Eg. Seeing the health benefits that many people get from the visual arts, it is important that the government assists such institutions so that they can continue to provide pleasure to the public.


For the conclusion, aim to write just one or two sentences that paraphrase what you’ve discussed in the essay. Try to keep to under 45 words.
Sentence 1 – Summarise the essay. Be sure to start this sentence with an appropriate linking phrase (i.e. In conclusion, To sum up, Consequently) followed by an overall summary of what you’ve just written. 
  • E.g. To sum up, although there are clear benefits of ensuring a large amount of investment goes into public services, I do not believe spending money on the arts is a waste of money as this too provides important benefits.
Sentence 2 – Give a Final Thought.
  • Eg. In the future, governments should consider budgeting for both.
  • Eg. Taking everything into account, the benefits of having a higher education outweigh the disadvantages. Even though, a basic education is enough to read my written words, a degree is necessary to become a successful businessman, lawyer or politician.
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Types of Essay 

Both views essay  
Both views essay  
Problem and solution 
Problem and solution 
Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages
Opinion essay 
Opinion essay 
Cause and effect essay 
Cause and effect essay 

Материал для подготовки к IELTS  

IELTS Academic Writing Masterclass course

The course is structured in the following way:

  • You are given a video lesson with step to step processes and instructions, including structures, grammar vocabulary and helpful tips.
  • Then you are presented practical tasks as your assignment. That is the most important part of the course, You are completing the task Following the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring report or essay.
  • Then you send it for evaluation and feedback.
  • You will be shown where you are doing well and what needs improving.

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