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Relationships with friends, family and adults.  

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Relationships with friends, family and adults.
A lifelong friend – A friend that you have had for most of your life
EX. He may be a lifelong friend; he may be a close relative.
A relationship of trust – a connection with another in which you have faith and confidence
EX. They established a relationship of trust.
A shoulder to cry on – Someone to sympathize with you
EX. Ben is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on.
Close knit family – A close family with common interests
EX. We always admire close-knit family ties.
Dear to my heart – Someone that I care about
EX. My mother’s love is dear to my heart.
Distant cousins – People who share a common ancestor but are not closely related
EX. Many of our distant cousins, whom we hadn't seen for years, came to my sister's wedding.
Extend the hand of friendship – Reach out to someone in a friendly manner
EX. We both extended the hand of friendship.
Face to face – In person
· EX. He sounds intimidating over the phone, but if you meet him face to face you will find he is a friendly enough fellow.
Get to know one another – Learning different aspects of each other
EX. They got to know one another three days into the course during a 14-hour hike with 12 other people.
Get together – Meet up
EX. She invites me to get staff get-together, but I have too much work to do.
Long lost friend – A friend that you have lost contact with
EX. He greeted me as he would be a long-lost friend.
Nurture our friendships – Looking after our relationships with friends
EX. When nurturing friendship and relationships, one of the needed attributes is emotional support
Relationship problems – Difficulties with people with whom we interact regularly
EX. All relationship problems stem from poor communication.
Share a common background – The share a similar heritage or culture
EX. You may not have grown up together but there will be a comfortableness through your shared common background.
Share the same ideas – To have similar opinions and views
EX. You would get along much better if you shared the same ideas.
Stand the test of time – To last a long time
EX. Our friendship stands the test of time.
Struck up a friendship – To make friends
If you're going to struck up a friendship, you've got to put time in.
To enjoy someone’s company – To enjoy spending time with someone
EX. If someone says "I enjoy your company" it means that they like being with you.
To have a lot in common – To have shared interests
EX. We don't really have much in common. 
To hit it off – To like each other straight away
EX. How well did you hit it off with one another?
To keep in touch with – To keep in contact
EX. I haven’t kept in touch with him since leaving high school.
To lose touch with – To lose contact
EX. We lost touch with each other years ago.

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