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Fashion. Лексика.

Устный экзамен ЕГЭ по английскому.



1. classic style: a simple, traditional style that is always fashionable
EX. Designers have tried to mix the energy of youth with classic style.
2. designer label: a well-known company that makes (often expensive) clothing
EX. Check for designer labels and name brands and try on several sizes.
3. dressed to kill: wearing clothes that attract admirers
EX. He'll be dressed to kill in a body-hugging T-shirt and black pants.
4. to be on trend: to be very fashionable
EX. I've never been on trend. I'd rather wear what feels comfortable.
5. casual clothes: not formal
EX. Status jeans, it seemed, were the future for designers of casual clothing.
6. to dress for the occasion: to wear clothes suitable for a particular event
EX. We all have to be dressed for the occasion on my mom’s birthday party.
7. fashionable: in fashion
EX. Washed - out jeans were very fashionable at that time.
8. fashion house: a company that sells (usually expensive) new styles in clothes
EX. CatWalk is a fashion house founded by 3 enthusiastic designers in 2007.
9. fashion icon: a person who is famous for their sense of fashion
EX. Her collaborations with Calvin Klein brought her to fashion icon status.
10.fashion show: an event where modals show off the latest in fashion designs
EX. I did see Linda in Paris at one of the fashion shows.
11.to dress up: to put on nice clothes, often to go out somewhere special
EX. They like to dress up, and they always look put-together.
12.to go out of fashion: to not be in fashion any more
EX. Your old sneakers will never go out of fashion.
13.hand-me-downs: clothes that are passed down from older brothers or sisters to their younger siblings
EX. I wore men's clothes because the boys in the pension would hand me down their old clothes.
14.to have an eye for (fashion): to be a good judge of
EX. I really try to have an eye for colour.
15.to have a sense of style: the ability to wear clothes that look stylish
EX. How much influence has your mother had on your sense of style?
1. the height of fashion: very fashionable
EX. Fur coats were considered to be the height of fashion and sophistication.
2. to keep up with the latest dressed fashion: to wear the latest fashions
EX. She was interested in clothes and jewelry, and known for always keeping up with the latest dressed fashion.
3. to look good in: to wear something that suit
EX. Try on this dress! You’ll look good in it.
4. to mix and match: to wear different styles or items of clothing that aren’t part of a set outfit
EX. Stainless also mixes and matches well with a variety of design styles.
5. must-have: something that is highly fashionable and therefore in demand
EX. These shoes are a definite must-have this summer.
6. off the peg: clothing that is ready made
EX. I don't wear it anymore. We bought it off the peg.
7. old fashioned: not in fashion any more
EX. Most urban women consider the tassels old fashioned and won't wear them.
8. on the catwalk: the stage that modals walk along to show off the latest fashions
EX. The favourite combination of colours on the catwalk was black and white.
9. a slave to fashion: someone who always feel the need to wear the latest fashions
EX. You don't need to be a slave to fashion to look good.
10.smart clothes: the kind of clothes worn for a formal event
EX. He tends to wear quite smart clothes for work.
11.to suit someone: to look good on someone
EX. I won’t wear this pants, they don't suit me at all.
12.to take pride in one’s appearance: to pay attention to how one looks
EX. She was thirty-seven years old and took pride in her appearance.
13.timeless: something that doesn’t go out of fashion
The one thing about the jeans is that they are timeless.
14.vintage clothes: clothes from an earlier period
EX. When I started wearing vintage clothes, I was captivated by their period,
15.well-dressed: to be dressed attractively
EX. He was always well-dressed and smart-looking.