Урок 3. Disadvantages.

Модуль 4. ЗАДАНИЕ 4. Тематическое монологическое высказывание с элементами рассуждения. 

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Тон голоса в английских предложения. Задание 1. Чтение текста вслух.

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Здесь вы должны отметить слабые стороны 2-х видов увлечений.
Mention the disadvantages ( 1-2) of the two types of free time activities.

Клише Disadvantages.

Despite the advantages , they have some disadvantages/drawbacks/downsides.
  • The bad thing about that is ___________
  • A drawback of ______ is __________
  • The one bad point about it is ________
All of the above phrases can be completed with the following:
  • you can/might/may/could____The drawback of distant learning is that you may have unstable internet connection.
  • it can/might/may/could___The one bad point about online learning is that it can create a sense of isolation.
then use one of the following:
  • damage/do harm
  • cause illness/health problems/obesity/stress;
  • get damaged/stolen/broken easily
  • get cheated by/addicted to /bored with/frustrated by
  • lead to some problems/difficulties
  • not be so good for
  • be problematic for
  • be inconvenient because/for
  • be confusing
  • give a bad impression of somebody
The bad thing about having fast food is that it can cause obesity and damage your health.

Заметки - план монолога.

  • Computer usage - get addicted - cause health problems and stress.
  • Physical training - muscle and limb pain.

Пример выполнения задания.

Despite the advantages they have some downsides. The wrong side of computer usage is that you can get addicted, and it can cause health problems or stress. One of the disadvantages of excessive physical training is that it can lead to muscle and limb pain.

Negative adjectives. 

Когда вы представляете слабые стороны чего-либо, вы можете использовать следующие прилагательные:
  • dull/boring
  • tiring
  • exhausting
  • time- consuming
  • difficult
  • repetitive
  • poorly-paid
  • unstable
  • counterproductive
  • not user-friendly
  • overly- complicated
  • unattractive
  • fragile
  • impractical
  • poorly made
  • overpriced
  • low-quality
  • outdated
  • old - fashioned
  • a little ridiculous
  • unhealthy
  • environmentally unfriendly
  • antisocial
  • annoying
  • unfair
  • overly - restrictive
  • oppressive
  • narrow-minded
  • discriminatory
  • vague
  • unjust
Example: The drawback of going to the gym is that it's quite exhausting after you've done a long day's of work.