Урок 2. Advantages.

Модуль 4. ЗАДАНИЕ 4. Тематическое монологическое высказывание с элементами рассуждения. 

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Урок 2 Advantages. Задание 4. Говорение ЕГЭ английский 2023.

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Здесь вам нужно отметить 1-2 преимущества 2-х видов увлечений.
· mention the advantages (1-2) of the two types of free-time activities;

Клише высказывания "Advantages".

Both activities have some advantages.
  • One of the main advantages/benefits/strong points of _______ is
  • The great/best point of ______________ is
  • The key advantage of _______________ is 
All of the above phrases can be completed with the following: 
  •  a possibility to _______________One of the main advantages of fast food is a possibility to save time and finances.
  • that it provides _______________The best point of online learning is that it provides you with variety of programs and courses.
  • proven to help _______________The key advantage of physical exercises is proven to help prevent a lot od diseases.
  • you are able to________________The great benifit of using cell phones is that you are able to stay connected with friends and family.
  • you don't have/need to ______The strong point of distant learning is that you don’t have to spend your time on public transit.

План монолога - заметки.

  • computer- based pastime - communicate throughout the world
  • physical activity - prevent a lot of diseases

Пример выполнения задания:

Both activities have some advantages. One of the main benefits of computer– based pastime is a possibility to communicate throughout the world. The best point of physical activitiy is proven to help prevent a lot of diseases.