Comparisons. Unit 11.

BEC Writing Part 1. Grammar. Units 10-12.

Master - class BEC Vantage Writing. 



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Useful phrases

  1. A is more expensive than B.
  2. A is a lot/much more expensive than B.
  3.  A is a bit/a little more expensive than B. 
  4. A is one of our best selling models. 
  5. A costs 20 % more than B.
  6. It's colder and colder/more and more difficult. 
  7. The better the quality, the more you pay. 
  8. It was the best meal I've ever eaten. 
  9. A is cheap compare to/in comparison with B. 
  10. A is (almost/twice/not) as expensive as B. 
  11. A is (exactly/almost/nearly/not) the same as B. 
  12. I don't have as many friends as in England. 
  13. I don't have as much time as I used to. 
  14. Bill is (exactly/just/quite/not) like his brother.


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