BEC Writing Task 2 format. Marks.

BEC Writing Part 2. 

Master - class BEC Vantage Writing. 



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Task type and focus.

Task types

In the second Writing task, candidates are required to write 120 to 140 words in the form of
  • business correspondence,
  • a short report,
  • a proposal.
There is an explanation of the task and one or more texts as input material. These texts may contain visual or graphic material and have ‘handwritten’ notes.

Main themes

The range of functions in the task may include
  • explaining,
  • apologising,
  • reassuring,
  • complaining,
  • describing,
  • summarising,
  • recommending.
  • persuading.
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Sample test

You work for BusinessSpace plc, a company which rents fully serviced offices to other businesses.
You have just received the fax below.
Look at the fax and the other information below, on which you have already made some handwritten notes.
Then, using all your handwritten notes, write a fax in reply to Reinhard Mieter.
Write 120 – 140 words.
Write on the opposite page

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Band 5.

Full realisation of the task set.
• All content points included and expanded upon where the task allows.
• Controlled, natural use of language; minimal errors which are minor.
• Wide range of structure and vocabulary.
• Effectively organised, with appropriate use of cohesive devices.
• Register and format consistently appropriate. Very positive effect on the reader 


This report deals with the number of customer’s complaints between January 2006 and March 2006 as well as with reasons for those complaints.
Complaints in January stood at 300, but in February the number rocketed to 540 because of a computer system breakdown. Finally, after introducing some improvement in the order system the number of complaints fell back to 230.
We can point out 3 main reasons for these complaints.
Firstly, 10% of them were due to incorrect deliveries. In particular, March saw fewer complaints.
Secondly, an excessive time for delivery led to 56% of complaints. The whole delivery system will be reviewed in order to solve the problem.
Finally, 28% of complaints were due to a lack of quality in our products. This will be solved by setting up a new quality section in our process.


Band 5

  • All content points are adequately covered and are well organised.
  • As well as achieving an appropriate register, the candidate demonstrates a good range of vocabulary, e.g. ‘setting up’.
  • Errors are few and overall the answer has a very positive effect on the reader.

Band 4

Good realisation of the task set.

  • • All content points adequately dealt with.
  • • Generally accurate, errors when complex language is attempted.
  • • Good range of structure and vocabulary.
  • • Generally well-organised, with attention paid to cohesion.
  • • Register and format on the whole appropriate.

Positive effect on the reader.
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Report on customer complaints.
This report has the purpose of presenting the reasons for customer complaints in 2006.
The customer complaints received in 2006 were 300 in January. Then they increased to 540 in February because of the computer system’s breakdown.
In March they fell to 230 because an improved order system was introduced.
The reasons for complaints from January to March were analysed:
firstly the company received complaints for incorrect orders delivered. These errors were fewer in March.
secondly the time taken to deliver is too high, but the company has planned to recruit new agents.
Finally customers complain for the poor product quality. In order to solve this problem more quality controls are making. CONCLUSIONS
At the moment all customers aren’t satisfied but many measures have been taken to improve their satisfaction.


Band 4

There is a satisfactory range of structures, with some errors, but these do not impede understanding. The content points are adequately covered, and the register is appropriate. The information is generally well organised, using headings and other discourse markers.

Band 3

Good realisation of the task set.

• All major content points included; some minor omissions.
• A number of errors will be present, but they do not impede communication.
• Adequate range of structure and vocabulary.
• Organisation and cohesion is satisfactory, on the whole.
• Register and format reasonable, although not entirely successful.

Satisfactory effect on the reader.
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Band 2

Inadequate attempt at the task set.

  • • Some major content points omitted or inadequately dealt with; some irrelevance is likely.
  • • Errors sometimes obscure communication, are numerous, and distract the reader.
  • • Limited range of structure and vocabulary.
  • • Content is not clearly organised or linked, causing some confusion.
  • • Inappropriate register and format.

Negative effect on the reader.
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Customer Complaints Reports (2006 Jan-Mar)

– Number of customers complains received showed very high points in February
– It became less half than February’s in March.
– The breakdown of computer system in February lead to a lot of complaints.
– On the other hand the introduction of improved order system decrease the amount.
– Fewer incorrect order delivered in March. It result in few complaints.
– More than half of complaints are because of late deliver.
– Unsatisfactory product quality’s complaints showed 28% of all.
– To improve delivery system is important, it leads the decrease of complaints. It should be improved.
– To reduce poor quality product. Products should be cheack before shipping


Band 2

The organisation of the report is reasonable, as is the register and format. However, not all content points are adequately addressed, a limited range of language is used, and there are some distracting errors.

Band 1

Poor attempt at the task set.

• Notable content omissions and/or considerable irrelevance, possibly due to misinterpretation of the task set.
• Serious lack of control; frequent basic errors.
• Little evidence of structure and vocabulary required by task.
• Lack of organisation, causing a breakdown in communication.
• Little attempt at appropriate register and format.

Very negative effect on the reader.
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Band 0

Achieves nothing.

Either fewer than 25% of the required number of words or totally illegible or totally irrelevant.
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