Master-class "BEC Vantage - Business English Certificate"

This course was created for those who is preparing for a career in business, or seeking to advance their present business career. The course is designed to take your English skills to the next level with high quality video lessons and more.

Who is this course for? 

Master Class "Business English Certificate"  is typically for those who is preparing for a career in business, or seeking to advance their present business career.
Candidates for Cambridge English: Business Vantage want to be able to: 
  • ʺwrite short pieces of business correspondence, reports or proposals 
  • ʺ read extracts from business publications "
  • ʺ listen to, understand and contribute to discussions in meetings"

What will you learn? 

You will learn: 

1. Scan and read for gist 

2. Understand text structure 

3. Read for gist and specific information. 

4. Identify vocabulary and structure.

You will learn to write:

 1. A message, memo or email. 

2. Give instructions, explaining a development, asking for comments, requesting information, agreeing to requests. 

 2. Business correspondence, short report or proposal.

You will learn: 

 1. Listen for and note specific information. 

2.  Listen to identify topic, context, function, etc 

3.  Follow the main points and retrieving specific information from the text.

You will learn to: 

1. Give personal information. 

2. Talk about present circumstances, past experiences and future plans, express opinions, speculate, and so on. 

3.  Organise a larger unit of discourse. 

4. Give information, express and justify opinions.Initiating and responde appropriately, negotiating, collaborating, exchanging information, expressing and justifying opinions, agreeing and/ or disagreeing, suggesting, speculating, comparing and contrasting. 

What level should I have to take this course? 

Cambridge English: Business Vantage is set at Level B2.

A certificate at this level proves that the candidate is becoming skilled in Business English.

What can candidates do at this level?­­

Candidates at B2 level 

Reading and Writing

CAN understand the general meaning of non-routine letters. 
CAN understand the general meaning of a report even if the topic isn’t predictable. 
CAN write a simple report of a factual nature and begin to evaluate, advise, etc. 
CAN write a non-routine letter where this is restricted to matters of fact.

Listening and speaking: 

CAN ask for factual information and understand the answer. 
CAN take and pass on most messages during a normal working day.
CAN express own opinion, and present arguments to a limited extent. 
CAN give a simple, prepared presentation on a familiar topic.

Format of the course

The course is subdevided into seven modules. Each module includes several units with video classes, quizes and practice tests. You will get proper knowledge with step by step instructions for all the parts of the BEC Vantage exam. Additionally you are presented extra materials to train your weak sides in reading, listening. writing and speaking sections.
Video classes with step by step instructions for all sections of the exam.
You will get all the necessary information, tips and much more for the successful training. 
Quizes and activities to learn vocabulary, grammar structures, techniques and so on. 
You will get activities for reading, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. 
BEC Practice tests for each part of the exam. 
After getting proper skills of dealing with vocabulary. grammar, sructures you are presented practice tests of all the parts of the exam. 
Skype English classes.  
To practice speaking part of the exam you will get a live tutur via Skype. 
Tutor's control of the students' progress. 
All the tasks are performed under the constant control of your personal tutor. 
Final BEC exam. 
After getting proper skills of dealing with each parts of the exam, you are presented practice exams to score your results. 

Certificate of training and completion "Master-class BEC Vantage". 

After completeing Master-Class " BEC Vantage" you will get a certificate of training and completion. To get a Certificate of Achievement you need to upgrade your course Then you must mark over 90% of course steps as complete and attempt all test questions, achieving a score of over 70%.
Your Certificate shows your name, your course, plus any professional associations endorsing it, and the lead educator's signature.
Certificate of Completion.