Matching Completion - IELTS Reading

 In this kind of question, you are asked to match statements to paragraphs in the reading text.The statements could be reasons, descriptions, summaries, definitions, facts or explanations. 

What they are doesn’t really matter.You do not need to understand what the whole paragraph is about, just find specific information in the paragraph and match it to one of the statements. The answer will normally be contained in a whole phrase or sentence, rather than a single word.



To answer matching headings questions you should follow these steps:
  1. Highlight keywords in the questions
  2. Read the first 2 sentences (topic) of the paragraph and try to find the main idea of the paragraph
  3. If you do not find the content words in the first 2 sentences, skim the whole paragraph, noting only the content words.
  4. Summarize the idea of the paragraph in your head.
  5. Look at the questions to see if any match the main idea.
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