Multiple Choice Questions. IELTS Reading

MCQs test in IELTS Reading tests your ability to understand the main ideas contained in a text and then look for specific information. 

You will need to quickly identify the main idea in order to locate the correct section of the text. 

When you do this it will seem like two or three of the options could be the correct answer and you, therefore, must read in much more detail to find the specific information that gives you the correct answer.



  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Skim the text to get the general meaning.
  3. Underline any keywords in the question and think about any synonyms that might appear in the text.
  4. Read the choices and underline any keywords. Think about the difference in meaning between the different choices.
  5. Predict the correct answer.
  6. Read the text and using keywords and synonyms locate the part containing the answers.
  7. Read that part of the text very carefully, thinking about the difference in meanings.
  8. Think about not only which options are correct but how the other options are wrong.
  9. Go back and read the question again and mark your final choice.
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IELTS Academic  Practice Tests

IELTS Academic Writing Masterclass course

The course is structured in the following way:

  • You are given a video lesson with step to step processes and instructions, including structures, grammar vocabulary and helpful tips.
  • Then you are presented practical tasks as your assignment. That is the most important part of the course, You are completing the task Following the instructions in the videos to write your high scoring report or essay.
  • Then you send it for evaluation and feedback.
  • You will be shown where you are doing well and what needs improving.

IELTS Academic Writing Course presentation

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