Sentence Insertion Questions- TOEFL Reading

Sentence insertion Questions in TOEFL Reading - the task which asks you to insert a given sentence into a paragraph from the passage. You must choose from one of four possible spots for the sentence.


  • Look for words in the surrounding sentences that serve as connectors. 
  • Look also for shared subjects.  For example, if the given sentence refers to "this theory" look for a sentence in the paragraph that references some theory.  If it refers to "this machine" look for a reference to a machine in the paragraph. 
  • Pay special attention to logical connecting words; they can provide important information about where the sentence should be placed.

* Frequently used connecting words:

  • On the other hand
  • For example
  • On the contrary
  • Similarly
  • In contrast
  • Further, or Furthermore
  • Therefore
  • In other words
  • As a result
  • Since

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Finally the Ballets Russes began revolutionizing ballet in the early 20th century, there have been continued attempts to break the mold of classical ballet.* Currently the artistic scope of ballet technique is more all-encompassing than ever.*  This also has influenced ballet's accompanying music, stagings and multimedia. Modern choreographers have embraced techniques that classical choreographers would not have considered acceptable to the art form.* The boundaries that classify a work of classical ballet are constantly being stretched, muddied and blurred until perhaps all that remains today are traces of technique idioms such as 'turnout'.*
Look at the four stars (*) that indicate where the following sentence might fit.
"These efforts have changed the art of ballet in very significant ways."
Where would the sentence fit best?
  •           A.  The first star
  •           B.  The second star
  •           C.  The third star
  •           D.  The fourth star
The answer is choice A.  The key word to recognize is "attempts," which is a synonym of "efforts."

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