Table Questions- TOEFL Reading

For this type of question on the TOEFL IBT, you are asked to complete a table that outlines the key info but, the info is divided into categories i.e. Major points + Supporting ideas


This type of question may have 5 or 7 correct answers and you will get the following points
  • 7 correct= 4 pts
  • 6 correct = 3 pts
  • 5 correct =2pts
  • 4 correct= 1 pts
  • 3 correct=1 pts
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Tip 1: Decide what type of rhetorical pattern is used i.e. compare + contrast, cause + effect, or argument supported by reasons--look at intro + topic sentences
Tip 2: Look at the TOPICS/CATEGORIES mentioned in the schematic table - think about how they connect to the main ideas in the passage
Tip 3: Read each answer choice carefully--decide if the info is TRUE, FALSE, or NOT DISCUSSED. Eliminate the FALSE and NOT DISCUSSED choices
Tip 4: Match the TRUE choices to the correct CATEGORY in the table

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