Technology. Computer and Internet. 




1. computer age: the period in modern history characterized by rapid technology development and widespread computer use.
Living in a computer age has many benefits.
2. computer buff: a user who is good at working with a computer.
Mike is a computer buff. He got an A+ on his programming exam.
3. computer fatigue: a syndrome of tiredness resulting from long computer usage.
About 60% of IT specialists are affected by computer fatigue.
4. desktop PC: a personal computer that remains on a desk.
I have an old desktop PC that I use for surfing the net when I’m home.
5. digital editing: a process of changing digital materials like audio or video files.
Being good at digital editing is essential in our time.
6. gadget: an advanced piece of technology, like smartphone.
Nowadays almost everybody owns a gadget.
7. geek: someone who is obsessed with technology, especially computers.
My friend is a real geek. He owns a bunch of computers and other gadgets.
8. large screen: a big-sized monitor.
A few days ago I decided to renew my computer, so I bought a large screen for it.
9. light years ahead: very far away from.
Modern computers are light years ahead of those which people used in 90s.
10. on the cutting edge: at the forefront of progress.
Paul's new laptop is on the cutting edge of technology.
11. operating system: the most important program that runs the computer.
I chose to buy a laptop which is based on the Windows operating system.
12. rocket science: a very complicated subject for someone.
Biology is a rocket science for me. I don’t understand anything in it.
13. silver surfer: an old person, who uses the Internet.
Uncle Bob is a silver surfer. He uses the Internet every day, although he’s almost 70.
14. social media: media used to interact with other people.
Facebook is the biggest social media in the world.
15. Wi-Fi hotspots: a public place where you can access the Internet.
Our university has a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is very convenient.
16. wireless network: a network where users can access the Internet without using any cables.
We have installed a wireless network at home.
17. word processing: writing, editing and producing words on a computer, using special programs.
There are tons of word processing programs.


1.cutting-edge: something innovational and leading.
Cutting-edge technology.
2. essential: something you can’t imagine your life without.
Internet is an essential piece of technology for many people
3 time-consuming and inefficient: something that takes too much of your time and isn’t rational to do.
I find watching football time-consuming and inefficient.
4. out of steam: tired, exhausted.
Due to today's intense workday I am out of steam, so I won’t be able to work tomorrow. 
5. well-oiled machine: something that works perfectly well.
My computer, despite being 7 years old, is still a well-oiled machine.


1. download (podcasts): to save a copy of a file from the internet to your own device.
Yesterday I downloaded a few films that I plan to watch during the weekends.
2. send an attachment: send an email with an added file.
My brother sent an attachment with his homework to the professor.
3. to access websites/email: to visit websites/email.
John accessed his email today to see if he had received any letters. updade: to renew a software or a piece hardware.
Thanks to the new program for students, I updated my computer for free.
5. to surf the web: to look through websites, searching for something you need, or simply for entertainment.
I was surfing the web yesterday for three hours, because I had nothing else to do.
6. to navigate a website: to find what you need on the website.
Navigating a website is not very easy, especially if the website is poorly designed.
7. to go online: to use the Internet.
Millions of people go online every day.
8. to crash: to suddenly stop working.
My computer crashed when I was writing my essay.
9. to browse websites: to search for websites.
I spent a few hours browsing the websites today, until I found was I was looking for.
10. to boot up: to start a computer.
booted up my computer as soon as I got home.
11. to be stuck behind a computer: to use computer for a long period of time.
A lot of teenagers are stuck behind their computers all day.
12. to back up files: to make a copy of files in case of a computer problem.
I had to back up files on my computer, because I was going to reinstall my operating system.

Computer an internet Idioms.

Down time - time that a computer is not working properly and cannot be used. The time a person needs to relax and recoup after hard work.
I don’t feel guilty about my down time – it makes me more productive afterwards.
2. Hot spot - a place in a public building where there is a computer system with an access point, which allows people in the building with a wireless computer or bluetooth mobile phone to connect to a service such as the Internet.
The airport was bright and spacious, with a large shopping area, and wi-fi hot spots in the lounge.
3. To unplug - to disconnect; relax by disengaging from normal activities.
Sometimes, you need to learn to unplug and just enjoy the quiet of your home.
4. To multitask - to do many things at the same time.
An interpreter needs a quick and agile mind to multitask.
5. Bells and whistles. When something has bells and whistles on it, it means that it has lots of cool features.
My smartphone cost a lot of money, 30,000 pounds, but it has all the bells and whistles as well!

Technology. Лексика.

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