TOEFL Reading section

This section measures your ability to understand academic passages in English. There are three passages in the section. Give yourself 20 minutes to read each passage and answer the questions about it. 

The entire section will take 60 minutes to complete. You may look back at a passage when answering the questions. You can skip questions and go back to them later as long as there is time remaining. 

9 Types of TOEFL Reading Questions

Basic Information Questions

  • These tasks are based on the factual information present in the passage.
  • The correct answer will be stated in the text, often in just one or two sentences.

1. Factual Information and Negative Factual Questions

  • Factual Information questions ask you to recognize information that is explicitly stated in the text.
  • These may include facts such as major ideas, supporting details, or definitions.
  • Negative factual information questions are similar, except that, instead of only one answer being true, three of the four answers are true, and you have to determine which one is false.

2. Vocabulary Information (3-5 questions per passage)

  • These tasks are all about how well you understand certain vocabulary in the context of the paragraph you are working with

Inference Questions

  • The inference questions require that you work with the general meaning of the given paragraph in the passage. You must be able to infer information from the one explicitly stated.

3. Inference (1-3 questions per passage)

  • To answer an Inference question correctly, you should be able to understand an idea or an argument that is strongly implied, but not stated in the text.

4. Rhetorical Purpose (1-2 questions per passage)

5. Reference (0-2 questions per passage)

  • Reference questions play the role similar to Vocabulary questions. They assess your ability to correctly identify the relationships between sentences, thus aiding the overall comprehension of the text. Usually, you will see a pronoun highlighted in the paragraph; your task will be to decide what it refers to.

6. Sentence Simplification (0-1 question per passage)

Sentence Simplification question checks your ability to summarize and generalize the information you are given. You will be presented with a sentence from the passage; the goal is to choose the answer sentence that summarizes it best.

7. Insert Text (1 question per passage)

Frequently a challenging task, Insert Text tests your reading comprehension to the maximum limit! Understanding the text flow and mastering grammatical connections between sentences is essential for success here.
In this task, you will be given a new sentence and asked where in an existing paragraph it would fit best.

Reading to Learn Questions

The most difficult ones in the Reading section, Reading to Learn questions require that you work with the whole passage to find the right answers. Your ability to assess the information, recognize its purpose and distinguish major points from minor points in the passage are crucial. Often, you will also need a good grasp on cause-effect and compare-contrast rhetorical functions.
There are only two types of questions in this group. Both of them are worth two points each!

8. Prose Summary (1 per passage)

Prose Summary will ask you to identify the major arguments of the whole passage. For this task, learn to recognize minor details and pay attention to the whole idea and argument of the passage instead.

9. Fill In a Table (1 per passage)

Fill in a table task measures your ability to structure and organize the information given to you in the passage. It will present you with an incomplete table that you need to fill in by dragging and dropping correct answer choices into their correct locations on the table.


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