TOEFL Speaking Section

There are 2 parts in TOEFL Sepaking Section: Independent Speaking and Integrated Speaking. 

Integrated Speaking requires you to respond orally to a question that is introduced by a short text or an audio clip.

Independent Speaking asks you to answer a questions based on your own experiences and opinions.

Basic information

  • There are six tasks in total, and the whole section takes up only 20 minutes. The whole TOEFL takes four hours to complete, so you can see that 20 minutes is not much time.
  • Each of 6 tasks is rated from 0 to 4. The sum is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30.
  • ETS-certified test scorers rate responses and evaluate how well you develop your topic and deliver your message in English.

Independent Tasks

  1. Personal Preference - Preparation time: 15 seconds Response time: 45 seconds. This question will ask you to speak about a person, place, object or event that is familiar to you.
  2. Choice - Preparation time: 15 seconds Response time: 45 seconds. You will be presented with two situations or opinions. You'll be asked which you prefer and you need to explain your choice.

Integrated Tasks


3. Campus Situation Topic: Fit and Explain. Preparation time: 30 seconds Response time: 60 seconds
  • A reading passage (75–100 words) presents a campus-related issue.
  • A listening passage (60–80 seconds, 150–180 words) comments on the issue in the reading passage.
  • The question asks the test taker to summarize the speaker’s opinion within the context of the reading

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