Writing a proposal - BEC Higher 

В данном уроке Вы научитесь писать предложение ( a proposal). Вам будет представлен поэтапный план, структура и шаблон написания предложения.




  • The aims of this proposal are to...
  • This proposal evaluates....
  • This proposal is intended to present/highlight the current problems with.... and give ideas of improvig


4 paragraphs

  • Many students/local residents/pensioners/members of the local community have commented that...
  • There is a strong feeling among all concerned that...
  • Following a survey of local residents it was found that...
  • A numer of concerns with regards to.... were expressed by .....
  • It is recommended that...
  • There should be...
  • It would be advantageous to...
  • ...... should be created and made abailable to.....
  • If the above suggestions are implemented there would be...
  • Unless the recommendations are taken seriously, it is unlikely that...
  • Implementation of the above ideas would result in...

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This proposal is intended to highlight the current problems with nonefficient work of the company and give ideas for improving productivity.

Current situation

A number of concerns with regards to lack of productivity were expressed by employees and the head of department. The main apprehension is failure to properly and thoroughly train employees. Once the corporate compliance program is in place, it must be effectually communicated to personnel throughout the organization.Another issue is poor communication which negatively effects on the whole business.Company goals could also be the problem which has to be solved. Currently the company runs the risk of not making its goals.


Lack of training programs for employees is due to/ on account of the fact/ that the company doesn’t have proper program management to deal with training survey. Poor communication issue is caused by the deficiency of modern technologies to present important content and plan regular meetings. One main cause of the problem with company’s goals is disconnection between employees’ goals and company’s goals. Without a sense of ownership, workers feel disengaged and unmotivated.


It would be advantageous to make some changes in optimization of training survey.
  • Improve training content and curriculum
  • Optimize the costs of training
  • Target specific instructional methods
In order to improve communication problem, it is recommended to give employees the opportunities to
  • · Incorporate mobile technologies
  • · Place importance on regular content creation
  • · Schedule daily status meetings
To deal with company goals it would be beneficial to implement the following steps:
  • · Align employee goals with company goals
  • · Make goals challenging
  • · Incorporate personal goals


The following implementation will be performed to head off the problems and fix performance issues by providing solutions.
Effective program management would be useful for optimization of training survey. By working closely with training managers, we will create a successful training program, which will improve content, regulate cost and goal instructional procedures. In order to advance communication daily status meetings can be held either in person, via teleconferencing or via the web. Creating content for blogs and wikis can also help in both internal and external implications. Finally, making apps specific to our business or using mobile technology for conferencing is expected to be positive for the company. To create company’s goals goal-setting methods such as SMART and OKR’s will be used.


If these recommendations are implemented the current undesirable situation is bound to improve the efficiency of the company as a basis of successful business.

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